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Die CareerManagement CareerManagement Projects CareerManagement for you. The CareerManagement Projects Career Management CareerManagement

CareerManagement Projects CareerManagement for you.


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Projects  Career Management *Founded ,developed and got the Platform „The Outplacement Solution“ – Career Transition (A New Edge Productions Co.)“ and its Spanish counterpart

„Encuentra Trabajo Rapido“ an Outplacement Career Management & Transition platform on-line for a multi-billion dollar worldwide market.


*Sold through a bid with a profit increase of 35% to „The State of Utah Department of Labor“ The Outplacement and Career Management and Transition content by developing and giving engaging presentations.

*Negotiated and closed a win-win multi-year contract The Outplacement and Career Management and Transition content with a established re-seller

increasing revenue by 50% for Q4 through the solidification of a firm business and personal relationship with CEO.

*Reduced The Outplacement and Career Management and Transition content Platform development costs by 50% by assembling multiple teams specializing in

Management Consulting, Script Writing, Video and Audio Production,

Recruitment, High-End Editing, Web-Design, Database and Secure (Members-only) Portal Development through relationship building and win-win proposals.

*Achieved an agreement with multiple players in Europe to launch and market the newly created adapted version of our flagship Outplacement and Career

Management and Transition content platform The successful Job Search Center by co-developing a project that includes the use of our product.

*Reduced costs by 75% of any existing traditional Outplacement, Career Management and Transition approach by creating and developing content,

including 400 minutes of high-end audio-visual (video) content with interactive tools for a successful fast job search guarantied results

SUCCESSFUL JOB SEARCH FACTORS DVD or ON-LINE for outplacement, Career Management – Transition

New Edge Productions

Over many years of coaching in the career development area. Jeff observed that there are 21 keys that determine how fast or slow a person typically lands a new job.






The Management Management: The Human Resources. Over the last 20 years the very top Career Management Consultants have had the oppo

Management: The Human Resources Management Company

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Over the last 20 years the very top Career  Consultants. Have had the opportunity to consult. Face to face with thousands of clients and worked in this capacity with the largest outplacement companies in the world.

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This method of operation has given the on site consultant the opportunity to witness first hand the pros and cons of traditional services.

When one becomes a Career Management Consultant you do so with a firm belief that you can help people through one of the worst moments in their careers and lives. As an experienced Career Management Consultant you strive to provide the client with the very finest in service but quickly encounter limitations specifically set by the cost of these services. These cost constraints severely limit critical consulting time spent with the client resulting in an inefficient and sub-standard service.

This consulting time constraint is the primary defect that New Edge Consultants has identified in the Career Outplacement Service field.  Through the creation of our SJSC we have eliminated this critical flaw resulting in a more efficient and rapid career placement result for the client.  There is no other state of the art system like the SJSC.

( newedgeconsultants ) The Human Resources  Over the last 20 years the very top Career  Consultants have had the oppo

New Edge Consultants defines the perfect outplacement package as the program that will give the client 24/7 support from the moment he or she learns. They have been laid off until they move on to the next opportunity.

This opportunity should not be „just any job“ but the finest job. At this time in our clients careers.  Allowing them to do what he or she enjoys doing most, resulting in generating as much income as they deserve.

( newedgeconsultants )




The testimonials


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LA SAGA DE LOS WALLROAD is testimonials


La Saga de los Wallroad es una novela rica en pasión, deseo, intriga y dolores del corazón basada en Inglaterra de finales del siglo 19.

ES UNA NOVELA CON BELLEZA SENSUALIDAD Y SUSPENSO. La suavidad de una blanca piel que cubría largas piernas curvadas, eran acariciadas por medias de seda azabache, voluminosos senos cubiertos por encajes que la vista podía atravesar. Sus ojos profundos escarlata danzaban a través de la habitación con una sonrisa impregnada en ellos, como víbora amenaza a la presa.

DEMUESTRA QUE EL AMOR VERDADERO ATRAVIESA OCÉANOS. Cecilia se le acerco besándolo ligeramente en sus labios acariciando su rostro. Anthony cerro sus párpados sintiendose algo mas relajado.




Introduction to Facebuilding

We all know there is a process of aging, and that’s just natural. But there are factors around us that sometimes contribute to accelerate this process. We observe dancers, bodybuilders, athletes, and others keeping themselves fit and young looking in the later years of their lives. But their faces age faster than their bodies. Our faces are composed of muscles among other things. So if our bodies can stay young looking through exercise, then so can our faces.




This is the muscle, which raises the eyebrows. The frontalis works in conjunction with occipitalis, which is located at the other end of the scalp. When the frontalis is used to lift the eyebrows the fibers in the muscle will shorten making the forehead wrinkles. But when you relax the forehead the occipitalis contracts stretching the wrinkles. Toning these muscles will make the deep wrinkles soften.



We honor the privacy of our customers. Information, such as e-mail addresses, addresses, etc. will never be given or sold to anybody. Credit card processing is done with greatest care and security possible. After finalizing transactions, your credit card information is destroyed.




This is the first volume of WORDS FROM THE HEART, is a book of poems that expresses and shares the most passionate feelings of them all; LOVE.

You will be able to share with Fernando, the author, the deep feelings that life, cultures and people that crossed his path, have brought to that secret place that we all have. Enjoy!



The Outplacement Solution (T.O.S.) is a premiere career community that offers relevant job search knowledge, expertise, resources and content for job seekers.

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Outplacement Solution – © Copyright  2013-2015

The Outplacement Solution (T.O.S.) is a premiere career community that offers relevant job search knowledge, expertise, resources and content for job seekers.

We bring over 20 years of experience in the ability not only to achieve results, but to compete and excel in meeting your highest potential. We provide career management and outplacement services offering multiple options to be tailored to your needs.

The Outplacement Solution’s team has successfully helped all levels of professionals in all disciplines manage career transition and business growth periods. We use a proven step by step methodology based on over 20+ years of research.

We have partnered and helped professionals, that because of downsizing, merging, restructuring, or other significant change are in search of a new opportunity, by providing them state of the art career management services.

The Outplacement Solution also understands that the affordability of these services is often the key factor in acquiring them.

Our Team has created and produced “The Outplacement Solution ”, which allows you to bring experts to a location of choice.


The Outplacement

These proven techniques and strategies have been compiled and are presented in detail by the very top experts in the field today. Experts who have acquired their knowledge, experience and skill while they were part of the largest and most recognized career management and talent development companies in the world.

Our approach is to deliver the highest quality service without the high costs attached to the service due to “bricks & mortar” cost.

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We approach the market recognizing that most professionals already have access to the basics at home or public offices (home office, public libraries, etc.). Therefore the need for an off-site office is just a cost that is added on to your job search.